Transform Cincy

Our Big Hits and Big Hearts Campaign will be featuring Transform Cincy on June 4th as our local non-profit as we strive to bring recognition to awesome organizations who support our communities! Transform Cincy works to support transgender and gender non-conforming youth through free wardrobes, support programs, social events, monthly book clubs as well as in-service and volunteer hours. Find out more about this amazing organization at

Transform Cincy serves 6-25 year old trans and gender non-conforming youth and their families by providing free wardrobes with accessories while they are transitioning, weekly programming events, monthly support groups, and advocacy around laws, policies, and access. We also serve LGBQ+ youth and their families by providing access, topics during our weekly programming, a youth council open to trans and LGBQ+ youth, a monthly book club, and in-service/volunteer hours for school and/or other programs.

A journey can begin with a single thread. At Transform, we work with transgender and gender non-conforming youth to provide free wardrobes with everything they need head to toe. The destination is yours to create, we are here to help you get started; with free clothing and wardrobe styling.
Transform has a simple goal: Provide free wardrobes, head to toe, for transgender and gender non-conforming youth. Why? Because affirming care is the best way to protect transgender youth. Having a safe space and community center available gives new opportunities for LGBTQ+ youth to make new friends and make a difference in their community. Our recent focus has been expanding our programming to offer community groups and social events. We are passionate about connecting with young people in need and their families to give as much support to vulnerable youth as possible. It’s so much more than just clothes. When one of our clients tries a new item on, and gets to feel more comfortable and joyful in their own skin, that is the transformation we are making.