Terry Bryan Fitness

Roller derby takes a lot of endurance, strength and determination. That’s why the Black-n-Bluegrass Roller girls wouldn’t think about going anywhere else but Terry Bryan’s Fitness Center to keep their bodies fit all year long. Terry and his team train BBRG hard so they can give it their all on the track. The hours spent strength training with Terry, as well as the nutritional support provided by his sister Jackie, will help BBRG take down their competition during the 2012 season.

Rosie the Riv-hit-her, a regular “gym rat” at Terry Bryan’s Fitness Center, can already tell the difference working out with Terry has done for her overall health. “I ended last season with a bad sprain in my foot and ankle, which left me in a cast for two months and unable to skate. Keeping up with Terry’s workout plan allowed me to stay in shape, avoid physical therapy and lace up my skates sooner than expected.”

“Terry Bryan’s Training Center has changed my life,” per Beka Rekanize. Beka has been training with Terry Bryan of Terry Bryan’s Training Center since August of 2011. Since then she has gained 3lbs of lean muscle and weaned off 2% body fat. In addition to that the workouts that Terry plans work a wide range of muscles that help to improve skater stability, ability, endurance and overall strength. The proof is in the pudding – Beka has reported that her teammates have noticed a difference and that she isn’t as easy to knock around anymore. Terry himself has a solid understanding of what the needs of a roller derby skater are and implements a variety of exercises (including bands, free weights, exercise balls, cardio and endurance building) to help skaters improve their performance.

Proud Mary states: As the oldest member of BBRG, Proud Mary, I personally would not be physically fit to be competitive with my other teammates if it were not for Terry Bryan’s workouts. He has helped me with strengthening my shoulder which I injured last season. Terry has workout sessions mornings and nights which helps me because I work all different times of day being that I work in the restaurant industry. I also have been going to Terry since August 2011 and have enjoyed every minute. He is a motivator and knows what your personal needs are.

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