Tango n Crash #32

Tango N Crash

Position: Blocker/Jammer

Day Job: cengage learning college book distribution

Name Meaning: I was out with some friends on NYE and it just happened. Also, it has that ‘get the hell outta my way’ sound!

Injuries: butt bruises so far…

Favorite Quote: no more yanky my wanky, the donger need food – Sixteen Candles

Likes: good friends, my family, beer, summers at the pool, sat afternoons at mlt’s, flag football, softball, working up a good sweat, trying new things, skydiving, the beach, b**chs who like to play rough and get dirty. My newest fav thing is BBRG!

Dislikes: people who lie, cheat and steal, brussel sprouts, spiders, seafood, fake people, slow drivers.

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