Jocelyn Bones

Jocelyn Bones
Number: 24

Position: Blocker

Favorite Quote: “I’m just a good girl in a bad world.”

Likes: Taking Amtrak anywhere it will take me, riding my Buddy 125 scooter to Rabbit Hash and seeing the jealous faces of the guys on Harleys (I’m pretty sure I’m reading their expressions correctly), hippy music, punk rock music, Europe, all Cockapoos but especially Hairy Timmy, city life, Halloween, wearing dresses, my two chickens, my Birkenstocks, my skates, Mr. Bones, Funny Bones, and Bone Thug #99.

Dislikes: Taking planes anywhere I could get by train, jerks, wearing shoes, wearing pants, scary movies, traffic, paying bills, and the current political climate

Injuries: I’m all busted up, broken bones and nasty cuts (accidents will happen)

Tagline: She has a heart like a fist.