Recycling with Troop 322

What is black n blue and green all over? Its your home town Black-N-Bluegrass Rollers Girls! The girls are proud to announce their partnership with Girl Scout Troop “322” to recycle during their 2011 bouts.

The project came together for the first time during the girls last home bout against the Cornfed Derby Dames on June 11th after being suggested by our very own Spintercat. It was clear that recycling was important to the BBRG organization and with the networking and coordinating efforts of skater Stephena Colrollbert as well as Troop 322 the “BBRG Recycling Campaign” took flight. Stephena and teammate Kung Fu lead the Campaign and visited Troop 322 prior to the June home bout. They taught the girls how derby is played, the importance of recycling and with the girls of troop 322 designed posters and a banner that hung proudly during the bout at Midwest Sports Complex that reflected Roller Derby and Recycling.

Troop 322 girls were assigned there own stations with a garbage can and recycling bin in which they were responsible for keeping separated.

The girl scouts were invited to the center of the track during half time and given a big thank you by skaters and fans and also received a poster signed by the girls of BBRG. Both bouts ended in victory for the home town Black-n-Bluegrass Roller Girls. After the fans had disappeared, the girl scouts collected all of the plastic bottles and aluminum cans and took them to be recycled. The cans are worth about 7 cents a pound and the troops are going to save up and use the proceeds to help fund a camping trip.

“We have a great group of woman who want to promote and encourage athleticism in the females of all ages and show them how rewarding teamwork and community involvement is. Our team represents positive women who do positive things for themselves, their families and the community around them. We are very thankful for the troop’s help and look forward to future joint projects.” Silverose, BBRG Event Coordinator

The BBRG Recycling Campaign is looking to grow and improve so that we can reduce our carbon footprint. They are in need of receptacles for the recyclables and can always use volunteers for many positions. If you would like to be apart of this great effort, please drop us an email!