Recap: BBRG vs Rubber City

BBRG took both teams to Akron, OH last weekend to play the Rubber City Rollergirls. This would be the first time that we played both an A and B bout against Rubber City, as well as the first time we played Rubber City this season.

Our B team, the Shiners, were up first against Rubber City’s Renegades. This bout proved to be an excellent match up – with both teams appearing to have tons of fun, playing aggressive and receiving equal amounts of penalties. The score throughout was within a 20 point differential, with the Shiners holding a 2 point lead with 4 minutes to play – but it was the Renegades who pulled through in the last jam to take the win. Final: Renegades 83 vs Shiners 74. Congratulations to both teams on a well-played, exciting match!

The A team bout found our Blackouts against Rubber City’s Rowdy Rollers. The Blackouts came on strong and never lost the lead – halftime found us at 82 vs 38, and we broke the 100 point differential at approximately 15 minutes in to the second half. Final: Blackouts 213 vs Rowdy Rollers 54.

The atmosphere in the arena took a drastic change when it became clear that the Rowdy Rollers were outmatched. Heckling, threats and abusive language towards the officials and skaters put a dark cloud over this bout. Rowdy Roller’s coach was ejected for repeated abusive language towards the officials, and caused quite the scene by refusing to leave the arena. In the very last jam of the bout, a non-skating skater from the B team ran out onto the track and attempted to grab our jammer, and then proceeded to chase her on the track – putting the skaters in the jam and herself in danger. This non-skating skater then waited, still on the track, as our jammer came back around – and attempted to come at her again. Our jammer, still rolling, chest bumped and knocked her down. The situation was then halted and our entire team was directed to our bench by our captain, who felt it was in our best interest and safety to leave immediately.

The public mud-slinging that has since ensued from the opposing team and their fans is unfortunate and frustrating, but we find it most appropriate to not engage or encourage that behavior. However, we do feel that it is important to make this public statement, offering up the facts* and defending our name.

Being on the receiving end of a blowout, we know the sting that it can leave, but as most derby teams will tell you – the learning experience that comes from playing teams above your level offers up some of the best tools to help you grow. How you choose to handle that experience is what will make you or break you.

We couldn’t be more proud of the way both of our teams played, and are determined to not let the black cloud shadow what was an amazing show of teamwork, strategy and excellent coaching.

In conclusion: We know that there are two sides to every story, and so we find it appropriate to let the video speak for itself. Please join us at our End Of Season Party, where we plan to have showings of both bouts, as well as other bouts this season. We are looking forward to celebrating a fantastic season! More details soon – mark your calendars for October 22nd!

*Specifically, we would like to note that none of the officials are our boyfriends, and in fact only one of them is affiliated with our league. The officials were the same for both bouts, and kudos to all of them for remaining professional under unpleasant circumstances.