Tryouts – Nov 30th

BBRG is currently training hard for our 2009 season, and looking for new recruits to join the league! We are holding one more Tryout date, before we cut off recruitment for 2009! Now is your chance!

The process works like this:

We hold tryouts on Sunday, November 30th at Independence Skateway, from 11-1pm.

Advanced/experienced skaters can take an Advanced assessment/tryout and then join the league in regular practices.

Less experienced skaters can take a Basic assessment/tryout and then attend Boot Camp training on the following two Sundays, to better prepare you for regular practices with the team.

Gear required:

-Skateboarding helmet
-Quad skates
-Knee, elbow and wrist pads

We have extra gear for you to use until you can get your own.

Please contact us for more information!

More than just skaters, we also need volunteers of all sorts! Statisticians, Referees, Announcers, Floor workers, etc etc etc. Please contact us if you are interested!


Looking to schedule a bout with BBRG for 2009? Contact our Interleague Liaison, Juwana Hurt.