Interested in Joining?

All new Skaters (FNG’s) are now required to tryout and attend Boot Camp! Our next Tryout date is Sunday, June 3rd. All Tryout dates will be listed on our Calendar.

Tryouts are held on the First Sunday of every Month (11:00am – 1:00pm), to access general skating ability. If ability is acceptable, the FNG is then required to attend Boot Camp for the following 3 Sundays.

Once the FNG has completed Boot Camp, she will graduate to Tuesday and Thursday practices, to be a part of the FNG group. From there, the Captain and Co-Captain will determine when the FNG can join the Senior group.

Our FNG Trainer is Hellaina Havoc. If you are interested in becoming a Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirl, or if you just have general questions, please contact her via email or MySpace.

You are also welcome to post any questions you might have over on our forums, or message us on MySpace!