If Only I Had Robot Legs

If only I had robot legs I could have gone out after practice to sing karaoke and not have to hobble home for a midnight snack of Ibuprofen and Glucosamine-Chondroitin pills. If only I had robot legs I would bounce up after every fall instead of wincing in pain and cursing everything on Earthâs green goodness under my breath. If only I had robot legs I would have spent my Friday night in a parade with my team instead of having an intimate date with an ice-pack on my couch. Ok, enough of the If only’s, because in all reality (and too much disappointment) I don’t have robot legs. The injured PCL in my left knee is a constant reminder of this. In fact, it has been a constant reminder since the beginning of last season. Back then, both PCL’s were injured. Since then, only my left is being a rascal.

So how did I handle the injury last season? Well, a trip to the ER in torn fishnets was my first step. This was followed by some X-Ray’s, MRI’s and a few weeks of Physical Therapy. However, I was still skating when I shouldn’t have been. Yeah I know taking time off for an injury is the best thing, but what was a rookie supposed to do? I was new to the team and needed to prove myself. And my stubborn pride would not allow time off. So, I sucked up the pain, downed A TON of Ibuprofen and put a smile on my face even when I wanted to cry.

Now, I am in my second season and I learned my lesson. I need to take the time to get my injuries healed to avoid surgery. Not playing at 100% not only hurts me but my team as well. I’d rather win than lose (duh) and if that means sitting suicide seats with a beer and watching a healthy team mate skate in my place than so be it. At least I’ll have my beer.

So in short, to all of my future roller derby sisters out there, I have this piece of advice: if you are injured, for the love of derby STOP SKATING! Take some time off and heal yourself!! Yeah, it sucks but that’s life and the sooner you accept that you’re injured the better. Besides, you’ll be on the track a lot sooner than you think. Don’t be afraid to spend some time lying on the couch, with your trusty bottle of Ibuprofen and bag of ice at your side. Just pass the time by dreaming of robot legs.

Stay Funky,
Rosie the Riv-hit-her