Dr. Didio Chiropractic

Dr. Casey Didio is a magic woman! Beka Rekanize began seeing Dr. Didio in June 2010, with a pinched nerve due to a killer hit during a game. Beka’s pain was excrutiating and she was laid up for days. After two visits to Dr. Didio – she was better than new.

Beka has continued seeing Dr. Didio regularly for nearly 18 months and has seen a drastic improvement in the amount of aches and pains post bout or post practice. Didio’s expertise in chiropractic care has made a huge difference in both Beka’s personal and derby lives.

Several members of BBRG visit Dr. Didio on a regular basis – we can’t say enough great things about her!

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Dr. Didio Chiropractic
4971 Houston Rd., Florence, KY 41042