Black-n-Bluegrass Junior Roller Derby

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Mission Statement

Black-n-Bluegrass Junior Roller Derby is a youth sports League dedicated to bringing the thrilling, fast-paced, full-contact sport of Junior Roller Derby to Northern Kentucky. Our goal is to provide a fun, safe and supportive environment for young athletes (ages 8-17)(6 and 7 year olds can participate but not compete) where they can come together and play this highly exciting sport of speed, strategy, and teamwork. Junior Roller Derby helps empower our Skaters with self-confidence, leadership skills, and athletic abilities while improving overall fitness. We will achieve this by providing a place where Skaters can learn to play Roller Derby in a framework built around trust, friendship, respect for the individual, athletic competition, and community service while having lots of fun! Black-n-Bluegrass Junior Roller Derby is an equal opportunity League and does not discriminate on gender, race, creed, color, or sexual orientation.

*NEW* Current Fundraiser: GotSneakers?

BBJRD is holding an athletic shoe drive fundraiser during the 2023 season to raise money for equipment and expenses for the junior team. BBJRD will earn funds based on the total quantity of gently worn, used, and new sneakers collected. GotSneakers, a social enterprise, will issue funds in compensation for the collected sneakers. Those funds will benefit BBJRD. Anyone can help by simply donating gently worn, used, and new sneakers. Bring you sneakers to any game!

BBJRD 2023 SEASON Schedule

4/22 @ HOME  vs River City Junior Roller Derby (Louisville)
5/6-5/7 – Tournament @ Killer Beez – 3 Games
5/12 @ IJRD
5/21 – @ Crooked River – 2 Games
6/10 @ HOME vs. TBD
6/17-6/18 @ JRDA Playoffs
9/9 @ HOME vs. TBD
10/7 @ HOME vs Vette City Juniors
11/4 @ HOME vs Cincinnati Juniors

Playing the Game

The game itself is a series of races between two teams of five players. Each team’s jammer is the only player to score points. Three blockers try to stop the other team’s jammer while propelling their own jammer forward. Each team’s pivot acts like the pace car in a NASCAR race and controls the speed of the pack. She also keeps an eye on the jammers, calls her team’s plays, and acts as a blocker. Helmet designs differentiate the positions — jammers wear stars, pivots wear stripes and blockers wear blank helmets.

Each race is called a jam and lasts up to two minutes.

IMG-1345 (1) (775x800)

At the start of the jam, the pivots and blockers gather information at the starting line. The referee blows a whistle, and they all skate.

The jammers try to catch up to the pack, work their way through and come out the other side. No one scores any points during the first lap, but the first jammer to pass the pack without penalties becomes the lead jammer. A referee points out the lead jammer and follows his/her progress around the track. The lead jammer can “call the jam” before the end of the two-minute period by putting her hand on his/her hips.

When the lead jammer calls the jam or the two-minute period ends, play stops and the officials calculate the score. Teams get one point for each opposing player the jammer passes during each lap. In general, this is four points per lap — one for each opposing player.


Members are what make the League. Only ten players are on the track during a jam but it takes a host of people both on and off the track to make it happen. It is essential to have not just the skater but also the parents fully involved in the League. Whether it’s selling tickets and snacks, running the timers at a bout, or working on one of the behind-the-scenes committees, we depend on everybody’s involvement to provide the best experience for our Skaters.


Skaters are what we are here for; this is their game we are just here to help make it happen. Skaters can be recruited from the local skating rinks, schools, and other public venues as appropriate. Methods of advertisement may include but are but not limited to, flyers, word of mouth, demonstrations, and Internet presence. Some Skaters will already have skating experience others will not. Our League will do our best to serve both. Skaters will be separated into one of 4 different divisions by a combination of ability, age, size, and skill level as determined by standardized Black-n-Bluegrass Junior Roller Derby skill level assessment tests.

While Roller Derby at its core is a full contact sport, the early skill levels are the “positional” game with very little intentional contact. That said, like any sport, there is a risk of injury due to falls and unintentional contact. Only when players have reached the highest skill level does the full contact aspect of Roller Derby come into play. This level of play is achieved only after the skater has demonstrated ample proficiency in skating skills, knowledge of the rules, and the maturity required to play the full contact game as determined by the coaching staff, parent, and player.


Parents are an integral part of any youth sports activity. Parents are encouraged to be active in the League and not sit on the sidelines. They are the ones who volunteer to work for the committees, help raise funds, and perform all the behind-the-scenes work need to make a League run. Without their help, the League officers will experience burnout and the Skaters and program will suffer. Helpful parental involvement also sends an important message to the Skaters that their parents care about what they do and want them to succeed.


Dues are $35.00/month per skater.

Consider other ways for skaters to earn their dues (i.e. personal sponsors, fundraisers, etc.) The ability to PAY should not directly affect the ability to skate.  Please let a coach know how they can help!


There will be off-skate activities throughout the year that encourage team building.  The Skater will be encouraged to participate in community events including parades, appearances at community events, and kid-friendly volunteer activities.

League Member Requirements

  • Must be between the ages of 8 and 17 as of December 31st of the current year.
  • Must comply with the league rules and regulations.
  • Must attend a minimum of 75% of all closed practices.
  • The expectation is that skaters will attend all public appearances.
  • Must attend a minimum of 100 % of all team meetings.
  • Must attend a minimum of 75% of scrimmages.
  • Must maintain a passing average at school.
  • Must remain current on monthly dues and scheduled fees.
  • Must meet safety requirements as appropriated by JRDA and the local coaching/training staff.
  • Must follow equipment regulations including appropriate roller skates and protective gear.
  • Must demonstrate appropriate sportsmanship and demonstrate teamwork in all areas.
  • Must pass the skating skills test at each JRDA level to be considered for bout eligibility.


BBJRD practices are held on Thursday evenings from 6-8 pm in the back of Hits in Covington, KY. There is no air conditioning in the building, so skaters should dress appropriately, and make sure to bring plenty of water. Practice will be canceled during extreme weather. Equipment is not provided. A skater will not be allowed to skate if they do not have the following:

  • Mouthguard
  • Helmet
  • Wristguards
  • Knee Pads
  • Elbow Pads

Still need more information or want to connect?

BBJRD Facebook Page

Phone 513-428-(BBJD) 2253

BBJRD Head Coaches

Please welcome the wonderful new head coaches: Creeper and Hot T Molly/TANK! (pictured standing left)



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