About The Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls

BBRG was born in May of 2006, and after 1 1/2 years of growing and training, BBRG completed their first full season in September of 2008. We now field two competitive teams, and play leagues throughout the Midwest!

BBRG is a skater-owned league that is operated by the skaters, for the skaters. Our mission is to actively create and promote an environment that fosters physical and mental strength, and empowers the independent spirit of women-not just in the sport of roller derby, but also in the community at large. BBRG is and will remain deeply dedicated to the spirit of good sportswomanship and athleticism so as to bring honor and distinction to our league, women in the sport, and the sport of womens flat track roller derby as a whole.

Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls are proud members of the The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association.


In addition to pursuing excellence on the track, BBRG also supports its local community through volunteer activities and charitable fundraising efforts that all skaters and staff help organize and support. Are you part of a Non-Profit organization in the Northern Kentucky area, looking for assistance? Please contact us to see how we can help!

Roller Derby 101

Here’s a lighting fast guide to how flat track roller derby is played. Check out the most current Ruleset at WFTDA.com.

Roller derby is played as a series of races to score points. These races are called Jams. On each team, there is only one player who can score points, called a Jammer, who wears a star on her helmet. The other players (4 per each team) are Blockers, one of whom is called a Pivot. The Blockers have to skate together as a Pack, and the Pivots, who wear the striped helmet covers, control the pace of the Pack.

A Jam begins with a whistle blast, and the Pack starts to move. On the next whistle blast, the Jammers take off. The first time through the pack, the Jammers race each other to pass everyone in the Pack without committing a foul or going out of bounds. The Jammer who succeeds is declared Lead Jammer, the only player who can stop the Jam besides a Referee. After their initial pass through the Pack, the Jammers begin scoring points, one for every opposing player they lap. They also earn points for each opposing skated in the penalty box.

There are many strict rules in roller derby, and many penalties can be assessed including: cutting the track (skating out of bounds to improve one’s position); blocking with hands, forearms, or elbows; blocking in the back; tripping; and blocking or skating out of bounds. Skaters may only block each other when they are in bounds and within 20 feet of the Pack or else they may be assessed out of play penalties. All penalties are major. A major penalty gets a skater one minute in the penalty box.

A Jam ends when two minutes have elapsed, or when a Referee or the Lead Jammer calls it off by placing her hands on her hips. Then they line up and do it again!